SW wind gives the opportunity to get different backgrounds with out going in a boat.

WTV-Apparent Wind calculationsWorking on a post for the blog I realised I had to work out the apparent wind. My old files looked terrible so I worked on a new one.

A board starts to plane at 10 knots. Under that it is displacement.

As I have stated, this site is a work in progress.

Online at last

It has been a couple of months now,  working on the site and I have finally pressed the publish button.


The learning to windsurf section is well underway and filming is due to start next month. The planned launch is now May for the first module.

Enjoy going through the site.



This blog is about ideas and fun things I find. Keeping you up to date on what I am working on, plus notifications of anything I publish.

There are many pages on this site so why write a blog as well?

The Learning to Windsurf sections are semi static pages, information that stays. Here is more about small ideas that will help you.