Using this site


Anything I post on this site is to try and help you learn and progress. It will involve land and water based exercises. Please be responsible and take precautions to be safe. Do not go beyond your capabilities. takes no liability for damage or injury. Please read disclaimer.


This site will have many layers, the front layer is FREE. Read it, save it, use it. If you share any part of it, please give me a credit/link.

The Wave Hobbit site is totally free of charge, it was 5 years of work. This site is a progression of that site but I need funding to continue. There will be sections in this site where there is a nominal charge.

This site is a working site, which means I will be constantly updating information. At the beginning it will be frequent as I build the layers. Those who know me from The Wave Hobbit will understand this.

Membership Area.


This is a closed layer and will only be visible to MEMBERS. There is no charge for being a member. It will give you a more detailed view of what there is on this site.

With your membership number you will get notification of any photos of you and direct access to them.

An insight to what people are asking about when I feel my answer will be a benefit to the group. Otherwise my answers will be private.

A chance to be interactive in discussions. Which I encourage when your comments are in keeping with the principles of this site.

Learning to Windsurf.

Learning modules and tutorials.

The modules are a step by step guide. It starts with one and I really do not know what number it will get up to. Each  module has a number of explanation videos on what to do on the water. The intermission videos are theory that you need to know before the next water session. The appendix is useful information that you should know but I keep it separate from the structure for the progression, it can be learnt at any time.

There are several tiers depending on which package you sign up for.

Photo Shoot.

Latest Roll is a selection of photos taken on a certain day. When there is a star on the photo, it means I have more of the people in that photo.

Go to the Membership Area and click on the photo.

Archive is self explanatory.  A roll will be saved for 2 months. In the Membership Area, once you have selected your photos I will save the photos of my choice.

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