Photo shoot

I am always out with the cameras. This is the section you come to and find out whether I have got anything of you.

If not in the foreground, you could always be in the background when I am doing a photo shoot.

Also remember I am not just out taking windsurfing! I am looking for a photo.


Is exactly that. A selection of photos to show who I have taken.


You tell me. Or if I am coaching or doing a promotional shoot, I tell you what I need.


Sunrise is the winter when the sun is directly in front of the beach. In the summer it is behind the hotel.

Waking up in the dark and waiting for first light, or preparing a shoot. You never know what you will get.


I am always taking video, you will never know if you are on it unless you book. So it is worth a check.

Contact me to make your date.

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