Learning to Windsurf

Learning to windsurf is not just about a beginner lesson. It is about using a structured way to go forwards.

We all have a dream!

Whether you are at your early stages or competing to become world champion. We are all Learning to Windsurf.

It is nice to have someone to help you to the next stage.


Here you will find links to people that have the same principles as me. Continuously working on finding and going forwards.


Each module comprises of:-

On the water exercises in video format.

Intermission, which is a short theoretical video for the next water session.

Text and graphic explanations of what you are doing, to give you understanding.


I often do videos or articles when people ask me specific questions. You will find them  here.


I look at what you are doing and go from there. It can be working on corrections or more importantly, finding new possibilities when working at the very high levels.

You learn by watching, understanding and doing.

See you in the section you choose.



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